Send email campaigns via Amazon SES

Unlock Cost-Effective Email Campaigns with Amazon SES: Send 10,000 Emails for Only $1, Guaranteeing Inbox Delivery and Spam Avoidance.

No payment needed!

Email editor

Craft impactful emails effortlessly with our powerful editor.


Optimize strategies with insights into campaign and autoresponder performance.

Schedule campaigns

Streamline email campaigns with efficient planning and scheduling


Access polished email templates for streamlined communication.

Unsubscribe management

Effortlessly manage unsubscribes and bounces for a clean subscriber list.

Email automation

Automate campaigns for lead nurturing and personalized messaging.

How does it work?

Add Amazon SES account

Get your Amazon SES keys to setup your account.

Create campaign

Effortlessly customize brand email campaigns.

Send campaign

Select your contact list and send the campaign.

Connect your Amazon SES account & start sending.

Get started in less than 5 minute

Love it. Thanks for simplifying amazon SES!!

Tom Orbach
Head of Growth Marketing

Bringing AWS services closer to less technical users, love it!

Konstantin Kovshenin
WordPress core contributor

Managing multiple brands is awesome 👏🏻. The simple UI is really practical too. 📈

Founder @remotejobs & @dailyui

Great solution. I have been searching for a client to manage my newsletters and email updates for our users. This is a great client to layer on top. Given the complexities of using Amazon SES, Maillayer will definitely make our work easier.

Ibrahim Bashir
Founder of mutiple Biz

This solution is fantastic! I've been anticipating the emergence of a tool like this. It's refreshing to see someone address this need.Great work

Prakhar Tandon
CTO @dualiteindia

Great and very useful product!